Arem R. Jayar - Author of "Of Course, It's Obvious"

Of Course Its Obvious by Arem R Jayar is a supplement to enhance your life

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Arem R. Jayar is the nom de plum of a person who would use their real name if they enjoyed “the publicity thing.” Arem “has to” rather than enjoys writing. Arem also has a job, enjoys it enough to want to keep it and doubts that constant time off for marketing would be appreciated by co workers and management. He also says that he thinks that "the message is more important than the messenger" and that the ideas should stand on their own and that people should be able to evaluate the ideas without being influenced by the messenger.
Arem says that he writes this stuff just to keep his feet on that ground that is at the intersection of idealism, reality and cynicism. Arem hopes that this book puts some reality into the idealism and vice versa.
Arem DOES hope and intend that this little book makes an acceptable and useful difference in the lives of the people that read it.